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Wizards of the Coast Era (1999–2003)


An Introduction to Base Set and the 1999 Formats

pokemon-tcg-logo.png jungle-symbol
Challenging the Haymaker: The Base & Jungle Format

pokemon-tcg-logo.png jungle-symbol fossil-symbol
Mewtwo’s Takeover: The Base–Fossil Format

Base–Fossil Cube


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The Year of Rocket’s Sneak Attack: 2000’s Base–Team Rocket Format

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Continuing into 2000: A Look at Base–Gym, the Game’s Most Degenerate Format

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The Forgotten Format: A Second Look at Prop 15/3


pokemon-tcg-logo.png jungle-symbol fossil-symbol team-rocket-symbol gym-heroes-symbol gym-challenge-symbol neo-genesis-symbol neo-discovery-symbol neo-revelation-symbol neo-destiny-symbol
A New Beginning: The Revolutionary Base to Neo Format

team-rocket-symbol gym-heroes-symbol gym-challenge-symbol neo-genesis-symbol neo-discovery-symbol neo-revelation-symbol neo-destiny-symbol legendary-collection-symbol
Rocket-On: Pokémon’s First Modified Format

What We Missed: A Look at the Best Cards that Never Made Their Way Outside Japan


 neo-genesis-symbol neo-discovery-symbol neo-revelation-symbol neo-destiny-symbol legendary-collection-symbol expedition-symbol aquapolis-symbol skyridge-symbol
A Quick Look at the 2002–2003 Neo-On Format

expedition-symbol aquapolis-symbol skyridge-symbol
e-Card: The Lost Age of the Pokémon TCG

Additional Resources for WotC Formats

Wizards Era Rules Guide | Wizards Era Card Erratas

The Pokémon Company International Era (2004–)


ruby-sapphire-symbol sandstorm-symbol.png dragon-symbol.png team-magma-vs-team-aqua-symbol hidden-legends-symbol firered-leafgreen-symbol.png team-rocket-returns-symbol deoxys-symbol emerald-symbol unseen-forces-symbol.png delta-species-symbol.png legend-maker-symbol.png holon-phantoms-symbol.png crystal-guardians-symbol.png dragon-frontiers-symbol.png power-keepers-symbol.png
Looking Back at the EX Era: The Golden Age of the Pokémon TCG


diamond-and-pearl-symbol mysterious-treasures-symbol secret-wonders-symbol great-encounters-symbol majestic-dawn-symbol legends-awakened-symbol stormfront-symbol platinum-symbol rising-rivals-symbol supreme-victors-symbol arceus-symbol
From EX to Level X: The Epic Diamond & Pearl/Platinum Format


heartgold-soulsilver-symbol undaunted-symbol unleashed-symbol triumphant-symbol call-of-legends-symbol
The Prime Years: Revisiting HeartGold SoulSilver


black-and-white-symbol emerging-powers-symbol noble-victories-symbol next-destinies-symbol dark-explorers-symbol dragons-exalted-symbol dragon-vault-symbol boundaries-crossed-symbol plasma-storm-symbol plasma-freeze-symbol plasma-blast-symbol legendary-treasures-symbol
Return of the EX: Breaking Down Black & White


xy-symbol flashfire-symbol furious-fists-symbol primal-clash-symbol roaring-skies-symbol
The Wild Legacy of XY

Playing Resources

Format Rankings: A guide to help you decide which old formats might be most enjoyable for you.

TCG ONE: For playing old formats online against other players.

Limitless Tournaments: Sign up for online retro format tournaments.