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Pokémon (14) Trainers (31) Energy (15)
2x Weedle
2x Weedle
4x Kakuna
4x Beedrill
2x Lapras
2x Undersea Ruins
4x Professor Oak’s Research
3x Professor Elm’s Training Method
3x Apricorn Maker
3x Underground Expedition
2x Copycat
1x Desert Shaman
1x Relic Hunter
1x Town Volunteers
4x Dual Ball
4x Fast Ball
3x Lure Ball
11x Grass Energy
4x Retro Energy

Retro Energy and Undersea Ruins allow you to devolve Beedrill so that it can be re-evolved on the following turn, locking your opponent in a chain of Venom Spray. Lure Ball allows you to easily recover the discarded Beedrill.

Tip: Save your Lure Ball until there are multiple Beedrill in your discard pile, giving yourself a chance at recovering more than one.



Pokémon (24) Trainers (20) Energy (16)
3x Oddish
2x Gloom
1x Gloom
2x Bellossom
1x Vileplume
3x Exeggcute
3x Exeggutor
2x Sentret
2x Furret
2x Porygon
2x Porygon2
1x Lapras
4x Pokémon Fan Club
4x Professor Elm’s Training Method
4x Professor Oak’s Research
3x Underground Expedition
2x Copycat
1x Desert Shaman
1x Town Volunteers
1x Friend Ball
6x Psychic Energy
3x Grass Energy
3x Boost Energy
3x Bounce Energy
1x Warp Energy

Relying on Bellossom’s Flower Supplement to power up Exeggutor, this deck uses Furret’s Scavenger Hunt to retrieve the Special Energy cards you need. Bounce Energy ensures Bellossom has a second Energy to attach with Flower Supplement, and Boost Energy provides an extra 3 flips for Exeggutor on turns when more damage is needed.


🤑  Inexpensive to Build


Pokémon (18) Trainers (25) Energy (17)
4x Machop
4x Machoke
3x Machamp
1x Machamp
3x Phanpy
2x Donphan
1x Lapras
4x Pokémon Fan Club
4x Professor Elm’s Training Method
4x Professor Oak’s Research
3x Underground Expedition
2x Copycat
2x Desert Shaman
2x Potion
2x Full Heal
1x Switch
1x Dual Ball
13x Fighting Energy
3x Rainbow Energy
1x Bounce Energy

Using Donphan’s Earthquake (as well as Rainbow Energy) to intentionally damage our own Pokémon, Machamp’s Iron Fist has the potential to hit for as much as 110. Machamp’s Terraforming ensures you can find the cards to build multiple Machamp, while Potion provides healing for its 120 HP.

Tip: If you’re unsatisfied with the four cards revealed by Machamp’s Terraforming, use a Trainer, like Dual Ball, to shuffle the deck.



Pokémon (13) Trainers (31) Energy (16)
4x Eevee
3x Umbreon
1x Umbreon
1x Espeon
1x Flareon
3x Stantler
4x Professor Elm’s Training Method
4x Professor Oak’s Research
3x Underground Expedition
3x Desert Shaman
2x Apricorn Maker
4x Energy Removal 2
3x Pokémon Reversal
3x Master Ball
3x Dual Ball

1x Friend Ball
1x Full Heal
4x Darkness Energy
4x Rainbow Energy
3x Cyclone Energy
3x Fire Energy
2x Psychic Energy

If you’re lucky enough to flip Heads on your first turn with Eevee’s Charge Up, your opponent might be facing a Turn 2 attacking Umbreon, a difficult start to overcome. Desert Shaman forms a powerful combination with Umbreon’s Dark Moon Poké-Power, adding strength to disruptive Trainers like Energy Removal 2 & Pokémon Reversal.

Tip: Avoid using Umbreon’s Dark Moon following turns where your opponent doesn’t seem to have any strong cards in hand. Otherwise, you will be forced to replace at least 1 of his or her cards, offering a chance to draw something more useful.

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