Below are four of the strongest decks you can build in the Base Set only format. The Haymaker mirror match is surprisingly fun and skillful!


🌠 Iconic Deck 🏆 Top Deck

Pokémon (12)Trainers (30)Energy (18)
4x Hitmonchan
3x Electabuzz
2x Farfetch’d
2x Doduo
1x Chansey
4x Bill
4x Professor Oak
4x Energy Removal
3x Gust of Wind
3x Scoop Up
3x Energy Retrieval
3x Item Finder
2x Super Energy Removal
2x PlusPower
2x Lass
9x Fighting Energy
7x Lightning Energy
2x Double Colorless Energy
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The classic Haymaker deck uses Hitmonchan and Electabuzz to put immediate pressure on the opponent. PlusPower allows you to take knockouts more quickly, while Gust of Wind and Energy Removal prevent your opponent from setting up a Pokémon that can overpower you. When your opponent attacks your Weakness or shuts you down with their own Resistance, Scoop Up allows you to easily switch your Active Pokémon and turn the situation around.


😃 Fun to Play

Pokémon (13)Trainers (36)Energy (11)
4x Zapdos
4x Voltorb
4x Electrode
1x Doduo
4x Professor Oak
4x Bill
4x Computer Search
4x Item Finder
3x PlusPower
3x Defender
3x Lass
3x Maintenance
2x Pokémon Trader
2x Energy Removal
1x Energy Retrieval
1x Scoop Up
1x Full Heal
1x Gust of Wind
11x Lightning Energy
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This hyper-aggressive deck goes all-in with one, sometimes two attacking Zapdos. Electrode’s Buzzap powers up Zapdos’s massive Thunder attack, while Lass follows to strip away your opponent’s Energy Removal & Super Energy Removal cards. In the turns that follow, you’re at the mercy of whatever cards make their way to the top of your opponent’s deck. If you can dodge the Super Energy Removal long enough, you’ll wipe out your opponent’s entire Bench, and win the game!

Tip: Defender can not only be used to protect Zapdos from damaging itself with Thunder, but also on the first turn of the game to help Voltorb survive Hitmonchan’s Jab.


Pokémon (21)Trainers (23)Energy (16)
4x Abra
2x Kadabra
3x Alakazam
3x Machop
2x Machoke
2x Machamp
4x Chansey
1x Doduo
4x Energy Retrieval
3x Professor Oak
3x Switch
3x Item Finder
2x Computer Search
2x Pokémon Center
2x Pokémon Trader
2x Pokémon Breeder
1x Maintenance
1x Lass
12x Fighting Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
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With 100 HP, Machamp is an almost impossible one-hit KO for most decks. With Alakazam’s Damage Swap, you can move any damage Machamp takes to ensure it remains out of KO range. Four Chansey help to absorb this damage, with Pokémon Center there to erase it all when it starts to overwhelm your board. It takes a lot to get this powerful combo going, but when you pull it off, it’s nearly unbeatable.

Rain Dance

🌠 Iconic Deck

Pokémon (16)Trainers (30)Energy (14)
4x Squirtle
1x Wartortle
3x Blastoise
4x Magikarp
3x Gyarados
1x Chansey
4x Professor Oak
4x Computer Search
4x Energy Retrieval
4x Pokémon Breeder
3x Bill
3x Super Potion
3x Switch
2x Item Finder
1x Maintenance
1x Super Energy Removal
1x Lass
14x Water Energy
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The original Rain Dance decks focuses on attacking with Gyarados, using Blastoise’s Rain Dance to provide both the Energy it needs to attack. Meanwhile, your Lightning-weak Blastoise can remain safely on the Bench, waiting for its window to attack.