This complete list provides you with the cards you’ll need to build any two decks from all three 1999 formats:

  1. Base Set Only (January 1999–June 1999)
  2. Base Set & Jungle (June 1999–October 1999)
  3. Base Set/Jungle/Fossil (October 1999–February 2000)

If you prefer to have more than two decks built at once, aim to obtain extra Energy cards, additional copies of the staple Trainer cards, like Computer Search, Professor Oak, Energy Removal, Super Energy Removal, Item Finder, Energy Retrieval, Gust of Wind, Scoop Up, PlusPower, and Lass, and an extra playset of Base Set Electabuzz and Promo Mewtwo.

Base Set

8x Electabuzz
6x Chansey
6x Hitmonchan
8x Doduo
2x Farfetch’d
4x Abra
4x Kadabra
3x Alakazam
4x Zapdos
4x Squirtle
2x Wartortle
3x Blastoise
4x Magikarp
3x Gyarados
4x Voltorb
4x Electrode
1x Diglett
2x Machop
1x Porygon
3x Clefairy
4x Growlithe
4x Arcanine
2x Rattata
2x Sandshrew
1x Magmar
3x Charmander
1x Charmeleon
1x Ponyta
4x Bulbasaur
3x Ivysaur
3x Venusaur

8x Computer Search
8x Item Finder
8x Professor Oak
8x Energy Removal
8x Bill
8x Super Energy Removal
8x Pokémon Breeder (4 is sufficient unless you want to battle two Stage 2 decks)
8x PlusPower
8x Energy Retrieval
6x Lass
7x Gust of Wind
7x Scoop Up
6x Switch
6x Pokémon Center
6x Maintenance
6x Potion
5x Pokémon Trader
5x Super Potion
3x Defender
1x Full Heal
1x Imposter Professor Oak

8x Double Colorless Energy
22x Lightning Energy
22x Psychic Energy
18x Fighting Energy
16x Water Energy
15x Grass Energy
12x Fire Energy


8x Scyther*
6x Mr. Mime*
6x Lickitung
3x Jigglypuff
3x Wigglytuff*
3x Clefable*
8x Kangaskhan*

*available as both a holographic rare and non-holographic rare.


6x Grimer
6x Muk*
4x Articuno*
4x Magmar
4x Psyduck
4x Ditto*
2x Gastly

*available as both a holographic rare and non-holographic rare.

2x Mr. Fuji
2x Recycle
2x Gambler
2x Energy Search


8x Mewtwo (WotC Promo #3/#14)
4x Mew (WotC Promo #8/#9)
4x Computer Error*

*debuted during the Team Rocket expansion in North America, but during the Jungle era in Japan.


6x Super Energy Retrieval* (Neo: Genesis)

*debuted during the Neo: Genesis expansion in North America, but during the Jungle era in Japan.


When building any 1999-format decks, most of the cards you’ll need are from Base Set. However, most of these cards (and nearly all of the Trainer cards) will continue to be used in future formats through the entire duration of WotC-era Pokémon, all the way up until Neo: Destiny in 2002, where the Standard format, for all practical purposes, ended.

Base Set 2 cards are typically cheaper than their Base Set counterparts, so keep this in mind, especially when searching for holographic cards, like Chansey, Alakazam, Blastoise, etc. Every card listed above in both Base Set and Jungle is reprinted in Base Set 2, except for Ponyta. Unfortunately, Fossil cards have no cheaper reprints. (There were some reprints in Legendary Collection, but these tend to be quite expensive.)