Retro Pokémon TCG Meet-Ups

The November retro format meet-up in Schaumburg, Illinois has ended. Thanks to everyone who came for a weekend of Base–Rocket and Prop 15/3 fun! Photos and results are posted below.

Base–Rocket Tournament (Nov. 20, 2021)

13 players participated in the Base–Rocket event, playing four rounds of Swiss. Four players advanced to a Single Elimination bracket to determine a winner. Check out our Finalists and their decks below!

1st Place: Isaiah Cheville (Mewtwo/Hitmonchan)

2nd Place: Desiree Janiga (Wigglytuff/Magmar)

3rd Place: Kyle Lisowski (Mewtwo/Hitmonchan)

4th Place: Andrew Mondak (Clefable/Mewtwo/Hitmonchan)

Full Standings

Prop 15/3 Tournament (Nov. 21, 2021)

11 players participated in the first live Prop 15/3 tournament in over 20 years, proving there indeed was more to the format than what was seen in its time. Players played four rounds of Swiss before advancing to a Single Elimination Top 4. In the Finals, I met up with my good friend Adam Vernola. In a tense series that came down to the final two Prizes, I was able to hit a game-winning Chaos Gym flip for Gust of Wind in Game 3 to win the series.

1st Place: Jason Klaczynski (Blaine’s Rapidash/Wigglytuff)

2nd Place: Adam Vernola (Blaine’s Rapidash/Wigglytuff)

  • 3rd Place: Andrew Mondak (Arcanine/Wigglytuff)
  • 4th Place: Matthew Alvis (Aerodactyl/Erika’s Clefairy/Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee/Mewtwo)

Full Standings

Thanks to Skyler Knopp, Matthew Alvis and Adam Vernola for providing prizes for this fun event! Check back early next year for details on our next meet-up!