This list provides you with the cards you’ll need to build any two decks of the most popular decks from any of the three 2000 formats:

  1. Base Set–Team Rocket (February 2000–June 1999)
  2. Base Set–Gym Heroes (June 2000–August 2000)
  3. Base Set–Gym Challenge (August 2000–December 2000)

As a reminder, the Base–Gym article I have written focuses on the Base–Gym Challenge format, as it supplements the Base–Gym Heroes format.

The list below focuses on building decks only from the 2000 formats, meaning it is missing key cards needed for earlier 1999 formats. If you are interested in building decks from the 1999 (Base/Jungle/Fossil) formats, use the 1999 format checklist.

Base Set

4x Electabuzz
8x Chansey
3x Hitmonchan
3x Clefairy
1x Rattata

8x Computer Search
8x Item Finder
8x Professor Oak
8x Energy Removal
8x Bill
8x Super Energy Removal
8x Pokémon Breeder
8x PlusPower
6x Gust of Wind
6x Scoop Up
5x Pokémon Trader
4x Potion
4x Switch
4x Super Potion
4x Imposter Professor Oak
4x Lass
4x Defender
4x Maintenance
4x Pokémon Center
2x Energy Retrieval

8x Double Colorless Energy
18x Lightning Energy
18x Psychic Energy
12x Grass Energy
12x Fire Energy
10x Fighting Energy


8x Kangaskhan*
4x Scyther*
4x Jigglypuff
3x Wigglytuff*
3x Clefable
2x Mr. Mime*

3x Lickitung
2x Snorlax*

*available as both a holographic rare and non-holographic rare.


4x Psyduck
6x Grimer
4x Muk*
3x Moltres*
3x Ditto*

*available as both a holographic rare and non-holographic rare.

4x Recycle
2x Mr. Fuji
2x Gambler

Team Rocket

4x Oddish
3x Dark Gloom
3x Dark Vileplume*
3x Dark Golduck

8x Rocket’s Sneak Attack*
2x Mr. Fuji
2x Recycle
2x Gambler
2x Energy Search
2x The Boss’s Way

8x Rainbow Energy*
8x Potion Energy
8x Full Heal Energy

*available as both a holographic rare and non-holographic rare.

Gym Heroes

6x Erika’s Dratini
2x Blaine’s Charmander
2x Brock’s Mankey (#67)
1x Brock’s Rhyhorn

8x Misty’s Wrath
8x Erika*
4x No Removal  Gym
4x The Rocket’s Trap
4x Tickling Machine
4x Lt. Surge’s Treaty (can be added to Trap decks with Erika & Imposter Oak’s Revenge)
4x Recall
4x Narrow Gym
4x Good Manners
2x Brock’s Training Method
2x Secret Mission
2x Trash Exchange
1x Energy Flow

*available as both a holographic rare and non-holographic rare.

Gym Challenge

4x Rocket’s Zapdos
4x Brock’s Vulpix
3x Brock’s Ninetales
3x Misty’s Gyarados
2x Erika’s Jigglypuff

5x Chaos Gym
4x Resistance Gym
3x Brock’s Protection
2x Warp Point

*available as both a holographic rare and non-holographic rare.


8x Mewtwo (WotC Promo #3/#14)
6x Mew (WotC Promo #8/#9)
4x Computer Error


  • All Base Set & Jungle cards on this list are reprinted in Base Set 2. Base Set 2 versions are typically less expensive than their Base Set counterparts, so keep this in mind, especially when searching for holographic cards, like Chansey and Clefairy.
  • This list contains cards that aren’t featured in any deck lists of my 2000-format articles, such as Base Set Hitmonchan. That’s because there are additional possibilities of competitively viable decks that feature these cards. (Don’t be afraid to experiment with new deck ideas!)